Caeciliian are proud to use their bespoke Data-Capture app "Capture Smart" to manage, control and document their work.

Capturesmart runs on off-the-shelf smartphones, be they Android or iphone. The learning curve is almost non-existent and operatives can begin using the app with minimal training. As it is compatible with nearly all modern mobile phones, many engineers even use their own phone.

Calls to locations can be GPS geotagged and timestamped to the second. Engineers can report back under their works numbers or job reference numbers. Each login requires a secure password process.

From out on site, engineers can upload photographs showing work before and after, and photos of any problems which have arisen. They can also report back textual data and customer satisfaction information.

The information is held in a secure server based in the UK with Uninterruptible Power Supply, Firewall, Antivirus and regular data backups. In addition to that, the servers run advanced Marathon Technologies to guarantee maximum uptime of the service, day or night.

Capturesmart is set to automatically generate and e-mail out live customised summay "A4" reports with photographs in PDF format at the completion of every job - making it ideal for our head office staff to track and monitor what is going on at any time. Sharing these reports with our customers means that they can share in seeing the work we are carrying out and can verify that it is to the highest standard.

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