SHalloduct - an insulation unit which allows a water supply pipe to be installed above a regular depth when an obstruction is stopping the 750mm regulation being met. 750mm is the minimum depth for a water pipe without protection as defined by Water Regulations.

Designed to provide a solution to laying water service pipes over and around obstructions, such as foundations, basements, other pipes, river crossings, jetties, etc. It can even be used over tree roots to avoid environmental damage.

Compliant with Water Regulation Guidelines, SHalloduct provides full pipe insulation* for water services wherever they may be.

*Designed for 25mm PE pipe, SHalloduct can easily be slid into a protective outer shell (not supplied and must be bought separately) as seen the image above. For larger diameter pipes please contact us for quotations about bespoke INSUduct.

Price includes rigiduct.

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