About Us

Caecillian directors Mr Michael Cassinelli and Mr Peter Hemlin are both time served plumbers. They began working together at PLC, which was taken over by one of the largest Utility Companies in the Country - Morgan Est.

In 2002 both Michael and Peter branched out and set up their own Utility Company - M & P Plumbing and Utilities Ltd. With many contacts in the industry, the business soon grew. With the main source of work coming directly from Enterprise PLC.

As the business expanded, they had outgrown the name M & P Plumbing. In 2008 the company name had changed and was now known as Caecillian Ltd.

The name Caecillian comes from an amphibian worm like creature (spelled caecilian) that burrows under ground. When installing new water supplies, Caecillian use mole technology, which is a device that burrows underground, which prevents the inconvenience and expense of having open excavations.

In 2010 Caecillian expanded into the Building Sector. In 2015, they outgrew their previous premises and moved into custom-made premises at Egerton Street, Denton.

Caecillian Ltd
Shandon House
Egerton Road
M34 3LU

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